HMI Safety Guidelines For Use Of Letourneau & Liebherr Equipment

What is Heavy Machines, Inc’s. number one priority? The safety of our employees. Heavy Machines, Inc. uses a cooperative approach to safety. Each employee has his or her role in our safety program. Managers are responsible to take each and every report or a safety violation or of a safety hazard serious and take appropriate action to protect our employees. Each employee is responsible to work safely, follow safety policies and procedures, report safety hazards and near misses and put safety first in everything they do.

It doesn’t stop with our employees. We are in partnership with our customers. Our employees are trained in safe work practices following OSHA guidelines. They are further trained to follow customer policies specific to the work site.

Here are some of the highlights to our safety work program;

Health and Safety Manual: Each employee receives their own copy of our Health and Safety Manual at the start of their employment. This manual is updated as needed.

Safety Orientation: New employees are given a safety orientation prior to starting work, utilizing the Health and Safety Manual.

Safety Training: All field employees receive work specific and OSHA required training on an annual basis. Currently this is performed in a two full day safety session held in each region.

Safety Award Program: Employees are rewarded for participating in our safety program. They accumulate points for attending safety training and meetings, performing equipment and facility inspections and performing other safety tasks. Points are used to qualify for quarterly awards.