VB 750

The HAMMEL VB 750 is their most popular and versatile primary shredder. Available stationary, semi-mobile, trailer mounted, or on tracks, the VB 750 can be customized to fit your exact needs. A powerful 350 HP CAT C-9 diesel combined with their patented shredding design enables this machine to process virtually anything you can think of, from railroad ties to the toughest C&D.

As a perfect balance between size, maneuverability, and processing power, the VB 750 is the ideal machine for any demolition contractor that wants to process on-site to reduce volume for trucking and separate out more steel to sell! 750’s are also at home on small-medium size transfer stations, scrap yards, as well as on land-clearing projects and landfills.

Technical Data HAMMEL VB 750 D/E

Engine Power         350 HP Hopper volume       10 yard3 Discharge height     11′-6″ Weight                  21 tons