Secondary Shredders

HAMMEL currently offers two different designs of secondary shredders: the fixed knife shredders type NZS 700 and 1000, as well as the swinging tool Hammermill. Both secondary shredders types NZS and Hammermill are single shaft, high speed units designed to work in conjunction with one of their HAMMEL Primary Shredders. Their fixed-knife secondary shredders NZS 700 and 1000 are ideal for any kind of wood application. With a throughput of about 50 t/h they deliver a consistent end product with minimal operating costs. Even metal contaminated loads are no problem! The built in automatic metal separation can be finely tuned to recognize and remove even the smallest metal parts before they have a chance to damage the machine! The Hammermill is the ideal solution for tougher applications in need of secondary processing. Where fixed-tool high speed shredders fail, the swinging tool design of the Hammermill allows it to keep processing with minimal wear and tear, smashing the material rather than cutting it. Like all other HAMMEL systems, their secondary shredders are available as stationary designs, semi-mobile hook lift versions, as well as completely mobile units for easy transport to other sites.

Other options include your choice of diesel or electric drives, and a permanent in-line over-belt magnet for further metal separation from the end product.