MMS 150 DK

MMS 150DK Mobile Metal Sorting Plant


The MMS 150DK Mobile Metal Sorting Plant is designed to work in line with a 950DK. The shredded scrap coming out of the 950 is screened by a vibrating finger screen into a 6″ minus product. A second vibrating chute then moves this 6″ product to a drum magnet where it is sorted into a ferrous and nonferrous material stream. The oversize material that did not fall through the screen is conveyed off the end of the machine to be re-fed into the 950.

In order to further separate the material, an eddy current separator can be added after the nonferrous discharge belt to separate the aluminum from the fluff, plastics, garbage, etc.
Technical Data HAMMEL MMS 150DK Engine Power           85 HP Discharge height      10′-7″ Throughput              up to 40 t/h Product size             FE <6″ Product size             non-FE <6″